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Welcome to my website. I'm a journalist, writer, producer, and editor working in the media industry. As a media coordinator who has worked in several parts of the media industry, I understand the ways our storytelling and branding affects the business and the consumer are constantly changing. I am an expert at creating engaging content on timely topics related to politics, current events, business, technology, pop culture/entertainment, culture/lifestyle, and social issues.

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Spotify removes John Mulaney, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, and other comedians from service over a royalties dispute

John Mulaney, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart are among the comedians whose albums have been removed from the platform.
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The CEOs of Target, Kroger, and Best Buy say anonymous online vendors are selling stuff that was stolen from their stores, and they are asking Congress to step in

Major US retailers have said they have seen cases of organized retail crime climb in the past few months.
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A social-media travel company lost nearly all its profits when COVID hit. Here's how it got them back — and then some.

The company, called Bucketlisters, has since grown to have over 96 million followers across Instagram and TikTok.
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'Rust' shooting and debate over studio contract terms have divided IATSE leaders and Hollywood crew members, who are voting on the new agreement

The union's Basic Agreement with the AMPTP, which affects 60,000 workers in the industry, did little to improve long hours, low pay, and safety on set, some union members say.
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A top Snap exec broke down all the ways it's helping influencers make money on the platform

The company said it's committed to influencers despite rolling back its $1 million per day payments.
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Activists and healthcare professionals are trying to stomp out anti-vaxx info online — but social media algorithms are working against them

Algorithms are 'separating audiences' as moderators deal with disinformation, unsafe medical practices, and illegal COVID sales on social media.
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Cannabis industry jobs are on the rise, fueled by the Great Resignation

The number of employees in the US legal marijuana sector surpass those who are paramedics, aircraft pilots, or electrical engineers.
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